Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camarillo & Los Angeles June 22nd, 2011

Today we headed back to the outlet stores at Camarillo as we had to bring back Alyce's watch that she had bought that had a stone missing. We did a bit more retail therapy and then headed off to central LA to find the pink house that is seen in the TV series "Charmed". This was on Gemma's to-do list. We found it in a street with so many beautiful houses. We could easily have picked one and made it ours.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hollywood & Beverly Hills 21st June 2011

Today we went to Hollywood. Here we walked along the boulevard to view all the stars. Danny was happy to find Elvis and the girls were happy to see several others. We went to the Kodak Theatre and Grauman's Chinese theatre. Then we drove up into the hills as high as we could to see the Hollywood sign. This was a nightmare for Danny as the streets are so narrow that on several occasions we had to reverse to allow a car to pass. Finally we went to Rodeo drive in Beverley hills. This is where all the beautiful people are. The shops are large and expensive, the cars are great and the place is so clean and pretty. We all did buy a little item along Rodeo drive.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Venice Beach June 20, 2011

After breakfast we walked to Venice Beach which is 1 mile down the road. Even though it is Monday here the place is packed. There are all kinds of people walking around and the shops sell everything. You can get a botox session, a marijuana hit, teeth whitening, clothes, jewellery, any hippy stuff, etc. Danny says it is like having an acid trip. At Muscle beach the gym is located on the walking strip and the guys do their thing. If you want a tattoo there are hundreds of places to visit. Some of the buskers are very good and others are frightening.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Santa Monica 19th June 2011

Today we left the Canyon and headed back to Santa Monica. The trip takes about 8 1/2 hours of non stop driving. About 95% off the drive you see nothing except desert like conditions. It was a boring trip and we were glad to be back at the beach by 7pm. Over the next few days we have to work out how we are going to get everything home.

Grand Canyon 18th June 2011

This morning we headed out to the airport to get a helicopter flight over the canyon. It was fantastic. The canyon is huge, it is 277miles long and averages 16 miles across. We got to see the Colorado river when it is green and the little river was aqua. This is due to the chemicals in the rocks and these colors only show about 3 times a year. We were lucky to see this. Afterwards we went to a Navajo Indian show and market then back on the shuttle to the canyon where we could walk along the rim and view the canyon at different spots. Saw some more squirrels and deer.

HOOVER DAM June 17th 2011

Today we left Vegas and headed off to the Canyon. On the way we went via the Hoover Dam. It is massive. We walked across part of it. It is so hot here that we do not stay outside for too long. Approx. 40 deg. On the way to the Grand Canyon we get stuck in traffic due to a vehicle fire that traffic was moving at only 4 kilometers per hour. We were in this traffic for nearly two hours. When we got up close a car had gone into the back of a tanker and exploded. There had also been a grass fire and the freeway had been closed in both directions. We finally arrived at Grand Canyon at 7pm at night.

Las Vegas June 16th 2011

Tonight after tea I went with Jessie to New York New York so she could ride the roller coaster. Then I went with Gemma to the Bellagio to see the conservatory and the fountains. It was well worthwhile. After the fountain show we were walking along the boulevard when Gemma had the opportunity to hold a red-tailed Colombian boa.