Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camarillo & Los Angeles June 22nd, 2011

Today we headed back to the outlet stores at Camarillo as we had to bring back Alyce's watch that she had bought that had a stone missing. We did a bit more retail therapy and then headed off to central LA to find the pink house that is seen in the TV series "Charmed". This was on Gemma's to-do list. We found it in a street with so many beautiful houses. We could easily have picked one and made it ours.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hollywood & Beverly Hills 21st June 2011

Today we went to Hollywood. Here we walked along the boulevard to view all the stars. Danny was happy to find Elvis and the girls were happy to see several others. We went to the Kodak Theatre and Grauman's Chinese theatre. Then we drove up into the hills as high as we could to see the Hollywood sign. This was a nightmare for Danny as the streets are so narrow that on several occasions we had to reverse to allow a car to pass. Finally we went to Rodeo drive in Beverley hills. This is where all the beautiful people are. The shops are large and expensive, the cars are great and the place is so clean and pretty. We all did buy a little item along Rodeo drive.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Venice Beach June 20, 2011

After breakfast we walked to Venice Beach which is 1 mile down the road. Even though it is Monday here the place is packed. There are all kinds of people walking around and the shops sell everything. You can get a botox session, a marijuana hit, teeth whitening, clothes, jewellery, any hippy stuff, etc. Danny says it is like having an acid trip. At Muscle beach the gym is located on the walking strip and the guys do their thing. If you want a tattoo there are hundreds of places to visit. Some of the buskers are very good and others are frightening.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Santa Monica 19th June 2011

Today we left the Canyon and headed back to Santa Monica. The trip takes about 8 1/2 hours of non stop driving. About 95% off the drive you see nothing except desert like conditions. It was a boring trip and we were glad to be back at the beach by 7pm. Over the next few days we have to work out how we are going to get everything home.

Grand Canyon 18th June 2011

This morning we headed out to the airport to get a helicopter flight over the canyon. It was fantastic. The canyon is huge, it is 277miles long and averages 16 miles across. We got to see the Colorado river when it is green and the little river was aqua. This is due to the chemicals in the rocks and these colors only show about 3 times a year. We were lucky to see this. Afterwards we went to a Navajo Indian show and market then back on the shuttle to the canyon where we could walk along the rim and view the canyon at different spots. Saw some more squirrels and deer.

HOOVER DAM June 17th 2011

Today we left Vegas and headed off to the Canyon. On the way we went via the Hoover Dam. It is massive. We walked across part of it. It is so hot here that we do not stay outside for too long. Approx. 40 deg. On the way to the Grand Canyon we get stuck in traffic due to a vehicle fire that traffic was moving at only 4 kilometers per hour. We were in this traffic for nearly two hours. When we got up close a car had gone into the back of a tanker and exploded. There had also been a grass fire and the freeway had been closed in both directions. We finally arrived at Grand Canyon at 7pm at night.

Las Vegas June 16th 2011

Tonight after tea I went with Jessie to New York New York so she could ride the roller coaster. Then I went with Gemma to the Bellagio to see the conservatory and the fountains. It was well worthwhile. After the fountain show we were walking along the boulevard when Gemma had the opportunity to hold a red-tailed Colombian boa.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Las Vegas 16th June 2011

Today we caught the monorail to the other end of the strip. Here we visited the Venetian so we could go on a Gondola ride but the canals were empty for repair. We did go to Madame Tussuad's which was amazing. We all got excited to be standing next to some of our idols. You can touch them and take as many photos as you like. We walked along the strip to Treasure Island, The Mirage and Caesars Palace. Then headed to the Imperial Palace where we went to the auto collection. Danny was very excited to see a car like his in the collection.

Las Vegas 15th JUne 2011

This morning Gemma & I caught a taxi to Mandalay Bay Hotel to select our seats for the Lion King show. We then walked over to the Luxor and had a look around. Caught the tram back to our hotel. The afternoon was relaxation time. The girls and I went to the pool and sun baked and we got a tube to float around the river pool. It was great as it was another hot day. Returned to our room in time to dress and head off to our shows. Gemma & I to Lion King and Jessie & Danny to "Ka". Our show lived up to Gemma's expectations as this is her favorite show of all time. Danny and Jessie also said theirs was spectacular it included fireworks and all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Las Vegas 14th June 2011

This morning got up early to organise Lion King tickets for Gemma & I. Danny & Jessie are going to" Ka" Cirque de Solie. As we have so much washing built up and no one has facilities for laundry we are heading down to the laundry mat a few miles from here to do some washing. Then we head of to the Outlet stores. These are all in an air conditioned complex which is great as it is over 40 deg. Once again we all do a bit of retail therapy. How everyone is going to fit everything is a concern. The weight is not the problem but car space to cart it around is. After a long day we finally make a stop for me. This is my first true quilt shop stop. It is amazing. It is huge and beautiful. The classroom (one of two) has a horn sewing cabinet with a sewing machine and lap top for every class member. It is amazing. The displays are beautiful and samples are lovely. The staff aren't as friendly as Craft Haven. Ha! Ha! Even Danny and the kids are impressed.

Las Vegas 13th June 2011

Downstairs in the lobby is a lion habitat, this morning they had 2 little cubs in there playing. Gemma loves this bit and we always have to stop when we are walking past. The lions change during the day and different lions visit during the week so each one only comes once or twice a week for a 5 hour stint. The girls and I head down the strip to take in the sights. There are several places selling different receptacles in which to drink alcohol. Everyone walks around the streets drinking. It is killing Jessie as she is not 21 yet. We stop along the way to shop and visit different hotels which have different things on display. There are also plenty of people dressed up in different costumes that are wiling to pose with you for a photo at a cost. As Danny wasn't with us I thought I would pose with the girls. We did a little stop at Tiffany's which delighted the girls.

Las Vegas 12th June 2011

Today we leave Yosemite and head down SE to Las Vegas approx 8 1/2 hours away. We drive through raisin country where all you see are acres of vines. We did do a stop at Walmart and did a little shopping. Danny and Jessie topped up the jewellery. Again as we travelled further down to see desert. Not exactly as how I had imagined it. It wasn't red sand and cactus it was small shrubbery and trees that looked a bit like our yucca's. We arrive before dark. We unload and head downstairs to walk along the strip. Everything is bright, loud and amazing. There is a building dedicated to M & M's (4 stories)where you can buy any colored M&M you can think of. Then a coke shop, again several levels with everything to do with coke, from drinks to collectibles to clothing etc. The list goes on. There are several strange people walking along the strip. Your eyes have so much to feast on that you don't know where to look first.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YOSEMITE June 11th 2011

Well Jessie's love for Yosemite hits rock bottom by the end of the day. It all started with her waking up with tonsillitis. We had to drive 1/2 hour to the nearest doctor. To get into a regular doctor there is a 4 1/2 week wait so we had to go to the community clinic which is attached to a hospital. To get a script for antibiotics at home walk into a 24hr bulk bill clinic and pay nothing and be out the door in 20-30mins. Well over here we had to fill in all this paperwork then wait. Finally a triage nurse takes you in asks all the questions and takes your blood pressure then takes you to a bed in a waiting area. Here you wait to see a doctor. Nearly 3 1/2hours after we arrive a doctor comes in checks her, asks several questions then finally agrees that she has tonsillitis and needs antibiotics. We then go to the front counter sign more paperwork and get a lovely bill of $625- and we can leave. We then head off to the Yosemite valley to see the waterfalls. This is about a 45minute drive but being a weekend the road is gridlock as we near the park. Travelling at 5km per hour we finally find a car park after about 1 hour. Jessie's view of the "hole" is growing by the day. We finally get to see the Yosemite fall which is spectacular. We then catch a shuttle bus to mirror lake but get caught in gridlock that after nearly an hour we decide to hop off and walk back to the car and skip mirror lake. We head back down the mountain to the glacier point road to go to the point where they say the views are spectacular. As it is late in the day Danny decides we will still go up before it gets dark. Along the way we see a black bear and some deer. By the time we hit the top, Jessie is so car sick and feeling physically ill that she is in tears. She gets out just so she can sit and breathe in the fresh air and waits for her stomach to settle . She totally is out of it and does not enjoy the absolutely breathe taking scenes at the top. When she is able to travel we starting descending only to see the sun setting and adding to more spectacular scenery. For three of us the trip up to Glacier Point was the highlight of the day. For Jessie seeing the back of Yosemite was going to be her highlight tomorrow morning.

Yosemite 10th JUne 2011

Today we left San Francisco and headed to Yosemite. On arrival I saw a beautiful green hillside with white lounges and beautiful white veranda homesteads. Jessie saw the same view and thought we had arrived at a retirement village. Our room was old and a little smelly it had character but again Jessie thought it was a hole!! After we were settled we caught the shuttle bus up to the Sequoia Grove. Here some of the trees are up to 1,800 years old.