Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YOSEMITE June 11th 2011

Well Jessie's love for Yosemite hits rock bottom by the end of the day. It all started with her waking up with tonsillitis. We had to drive 1/2 hour to the nearest doctor. To get into a regular doctor there is a 4 1/2 week wait so we had to go to the community clinic which is attached to a hospital. To get a script for antibiotics at home walk into a 24hr bulk bill clinic and pay nothing and be out the door in 20-30mins. Well over here we had to fill in all this paperwork then wait. Finally a triage nurse takes you in asks all the questions and takes your blood pressure then takes you to a bed in a waiting area. Here you wait to see a doctor. Nearly 3 1/2hours after we arrive a doctor comes in checks her, asks several questions then finally agrees that she has tonsillitis and needs antibiotics. We then go to the front counter sign more paperwork and get a lovely bill of $625- and we can leave. We then head off to the Yosemite valley to see the waterfalls. This is about a 45minute drive but being a weekend the road is gridlock as we near the park. Travelling at 5km per hour we finally find a car park after about 1 hour. Jessie's view of the "hole" is growing by the day. We finally get to see the Yosemite fall which is spectacular. We then catch a shuttle bus to mirror lake but get caught in gridlock that after nearly an hour we decide to hop off and walk back to the car and skip mirror lake. We head back down the mountain to the glacier point road to go to the point where they say the views are spectacular. As it is late in the day Danny decides we will still go up before it gets dark. Along the way we see a black bear and some deer. By the time we hit the top, Jessie is so car sick and feeling physically ill that she is in tears. She gets out just so she can sit and breathe in the fresh air and waits for her stomach to settle . She totally is out of it and does not enjoy the absolutely breathe taking scenes at the top. When she is able to travel we starting descending only to see the sun setting and adding to more spectacular scenery. For three of us the trip up to Glacier Point was the highlight of the day. For Jessie seeing the back of Yosemite was going to be her highlight tomorrow morning.

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  1. Hope Jesse is feeling better soon. Won't forget that doctors bill in a hurry... Thank goodness for insurance.