Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Las Vegas 13th June 2011

Downstairs in the lobby is a lion habitat, this morning they had 2 little cubs in there playing. Gemma loves this bit and we always have to stop when we are walking past. The lions change during the day and different lions visit during the week so each one only comes once or twice a week for a 5 hour stint. The girls and I head down the strip to take in the sights. There are several places selling different receptacles in which to drink alcohol. Everyone walks around the streets drinking. It is killing Jessie as she is not 21 yet. We stop along the way to shop and visit different hotels which have different things on display. There are also plenty of people dressed up in different costumes that are wiling to pose with you for a photo at a cost. As Danny wasn't with us I thought I would pose with the girls. We did a little stop at Tiffany's which delighted the girls.

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