Tuesday, June 14, 2011

San Francisco June 8th 2011

Today we headed of on the bus again but because we were going to the Golden Gate Bridge we decided to sit downstairs on the bus because the day before we sat upstairs and froze to death. We walked about a third of the way across and then headed back. We split up from here as Jessie and Danny were going back into town to watch the Giants play Baseball and Gemma & I continued doing the touristy things. The next stop was the Palace of the fine arts. Again this was magnificent. The Americans definitely know how to build big and beautiful. After this we got off at the shopping precinct but we didn't find very much except a lot of walking. We then got off at the tram turnaround and saw how the cable cars change direction. Later on back at the hotel we went for another shopping spree in town. We did find plenty on this trip.

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