Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Las Vegas 14th June 2011

This morning got up early to organise Lion King tickets for Gemma & I. Danny & Jessie are going to" Ka" Cirque de Solie. As we have so much washing built up and no one has facilities for laundry we are heading down to the laundry mat a few miles from here to do some washing. Then we head of to the Outlet stores. These are all in an air conditioned complex which is great as it is over 40 deg. Once again we all do a bit of retail therapy. How everyone is going to fit everything is a concern. The weight is not the problem but car space to cart it around is. After a long day we finally make a stop for me. This is my first true quilt shop stop. It is amazing. It is huge and beautiful. The classroom (one of two) has a horn sewing cabinet with a sewing machine and lap top for every class member. It is amazing. The displays are beautiful and samples are lovely. The staff aren't as friendly as Craft Haven. Ha! Ha! Even Danny and the kids are impressed.

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